Testing to Go

Singlestep was made for training. In one use case, Singlestep is being used worldwide by leading cruise ship companies to train staff using rich media. PDF, Video, HTML, and many other popular formats are supported.

A singularly unique capability is provided by Singlestep's TestComposer™.
Offline testing!

TestComposer provides the tools to create test questions of many types, and grouping these into question pools. Test questions may be manually or automatically selected to create Tests. Random test question selection and order avoids "gaming" or "cheating".

Folio based tests may be taken using any web browser. Mobile devices also support offline testing. When offline, all the test results and analytics are stored in the mobile device, for later delivery when an internet connection becomes available.

Training content and tests are added to a Folio with drag and drop ease.

FolioComposer gives anyone wizard level powers for creating rich media courses in minutes.

A flexible and intuitive way to organize content

Deliver training courses and associated testing with your brand and style to specific, or general audiences.

Rich Analytics

Every aspect of student or educator interaction with the app and your content is stored for analysis.

Connect to the places where your content already resides

Final materials in Google Drive. Images from your designer in Dropbox. Newly published training videos on Vimeo. Bring them all together in Singlestep.