Eliminate digital clutter and ramp-up new team members faster

New hires are in no position to distinguish valuable, accurate content from obsolete materials. Use Singlestep to fast-track the time a new hire needs to become a fully-functioning member of the team.

Keep your distributed team on the same page

Teams are rarely all in the same location at the same time. That’s why it’s critical that team members can quickly find the information they need to do their job, without help.

Send alerts and enable team chats with AlertStream®.  

Intuitively organized, easily findable content

Singlestep is an elegant way to organize your most important content so your team can move faster and harness its collective brainpower.

Identify your most valuable resources

Singlestep’s content analytics dashboard provides a view into what information people are actually using to get their jobs done. Gain insight to further promote best practice content and see information gaps.

Leverage integrations for a more unified content view

The content your team needs to access on a daily basis resides in places like Google Drive, Dropbox, email, etc. Bring it all together with Singlestep and keep everyone on the same page.