Make your best & final content stand out from the rest

Highlight your most potent marketing collateral and help Sales steer clear of obsolete materials.

Easily find content created by coworkers

Locate content in seconds, even if someone else in another office created it. Working in tandem has never been easier thanks to Singlestep.

A flexible and intuitive way to organize and access content

Use Singlestep’s tags and rich meta data to more easily manage and organize all your different types of content.

A better way to share your research

Coming up with new campaign ideas, tracking competitors, and compiling data isn’t easy. The Singlestep Web Clipper revolutionizes how marketing teams compile, share, and organize their online research.

Connect to the places where your content already resides

Final material in Google Drive. Images from your designer in Dropbox. Newly published campaign videos on YouTube. Bring them all together with Singlestep.