MediaFolio, a powerful way to organize, view and share rich content.

Put your lightning in a bottle. . . it's called a Folio.

Take that "pile of files" and make it organized and beautiful. Make it a Folio.

With a Singlestep™ you create a website and a mobile app, in minutes.
No prior skills necessary.

MediaFolio, your self publishing platform for privately, or publicly sharing collections of rich content.

  • Add videos, photographs, music, art, and documents with touch or drag and drop, bringing your Folios to life.
  • You decide the perfect visual layout for optimized access and viewing.
  • Style and brand your Folios to give them visual appeal and personality.
  • Instantly share your Folio via Facebook, text message, email, or any other social link.
  • Your Folios consistently display on any device or piece of glass, from desktop to mobile or smart TV.
  • MediaFolio mobile apps for iOS and Android let you take Folios with you for instant access, even offline.
  • MediaFolio's Folio may be considered a "Virtual USB Stick™".
  • MediaFolio and Singlestep are powered by the Dataprism® platform".

Present yourself
zCard™ & BioBuildr™

MediaFolio is the cutting-edge way to deliver you, your brand, and your activities to everyone that matters.

A zCard Folio is the ultimate busness card. Easier to share than digging in a pocket. More complete with your curated rich media. Visually appealing with a unique style that is all your own. Available while offline.

One touch on the Share icon sends a link to your rich media card via SMS (text), email, even Facebook or LinkedIn. Perfect for connecting at events and meetings.

A BioBuildr Folio is the ultimate resume. Rise above the one dimensional nature of a traditional CV or resume by including presentations, white papers, photography, videos, graphic art and any other form of expression that shows the world who you are.

It's not just a resume, it's an updating resume, and a clear channel to communicate outside the clutter (with push notifications).

Promote your business or craft

MediaFolio, the advanced way to deliver your business, its brand, and your products to everyone that matters.

A Folio trancends the traditional brochure or sales packet. Can be carried in a pocket, online or offline. Share it instantly with the touch of an icon via SMS text, email, etc...

MediaFolio is the paperless, rich media platform for connecting with existing, and potential customers.

Every Folio has its own multi discussion chat, and push notifications.

Get Published

Self publishing democratized.

Make a media book. Move past the limitations of printed or e-books. Media books may include rich media types such as video and music.

One touch on the Share icon sends a link to your rich media book via SMS (text), email, even Facebook or LinkedIn. Perfect for quickly publishing anything.

Whether it's a small website (sitelet), a novel, or your latest catalog... PubliSure is fast and easy to get your masterpiece into the right people's hands. Even when they are offline.

It's not just a boring old ebook or a website, it's an easily updated clear channel to communicate to your audience (with push notifications).

Social Integration®
Bringing all your content together

Your content is scattered across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Dropbox, email, etc. . . Bring it all together with MediaFolio.

Unlike other social platforms, MediaFolio doesn't data mine, or sell your information. You maintain your full copyright and privacy.

Sharing links to your Folios on Facebook provides a layer of copyright protection.

MediaFolio StashBoard™
Personal storage for instant access

Whether it's movie tickets, shopping lists or travel info, MediaFolio give you instant access, online or offline.

Keep important info in your pocket for easy retrieval.

Share boards with family and friends.

MediaFolio PalPond™
Your family's firewall

Create a private perimeter for your kids and family.

MediaFolio PalPond™ - All the benefits of a Personal Social Network™, none of the worries.

Privately share family photos, homework assignments, travel schedules, appointments, and more. . . with family members and friends.

No data mining, no advertising, no worries.

Provide emergency info for your kids. Know it's there in their pocket when they really need it.

MediaFolio MixTape®
Rich media music albums

MixTape®, breaking ground for musical artists.

MixTape brings the arrival of the rich media music album.

Musicians everywhere, from garages to top tier artists benefit from the MixTape platform.

MediaFolio Legacy™
Your life time capsule.

Legacy™ - Capture your life's experiences for your family, and future generations.

A rich media book of your life. Your life's memiors, including video, photos, music, documents, and more.

Timed appearance or disappearance of various content upon major life events.

Organize your life's adventures and events with simple controls.

Memorialize friends or family privately, selectively or publicly.

A treasured keepsake in love one's pocket, online or offline.

MediaFolio MediaBlog™
Blogging enhanced.

MediaBlog, breaking ground for information authors.

No web skills necessary. Touch / Drag and Drop simplicity.

MediaBlog heralds the arrival of the rich media blog.

Options include:

  • Rich media and document content.
  • Easy branding and styling.
  • Scheduled release and sunset.
  • Viewable online or offline.
  • Push notification.
  • Comments, chat.
  • Consistently viewable on all devics.

MediaFolio DeepDive™
A distributed knowledge platform.

DeepDive™ - Rich media, in-depth info and background via geo-location or a simple code.

Product information: A bottle presenting wine region info, maps, pronunciations, history and more. . .

Location info: Park maps, sites to see, rules, etc. . .

Metro services, emergency info, evacuation routes, important phone numbers, up-to-date news.

MediaFolio Analytics
Detailed analytics of user interactions

See who is viewing your content, including their location. Get insights into how your content is being used.

MediaFolio's in-depth analytics gives you the feedback to help you fine tune and adjust your message and product.

Update and improve. Folio recipients get push notification when changes are published.

Folio Rules
Complete control of when and where your content may be used

MediaFolio's rules editors let you determine when and where your content may be seen or used.

Scheduled sunrise and sunset, prerequisites and location can all be used to control access to, and visibility of your private or proprietary content.

Lock your precious content into a Folio for specific recipients’s access, or allow others to re-share. The choice is yours.

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