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Pricing FAQ's

How does Singlestep’s pricing work?

Singlestep accounts are broken down into subscription plans that are influenced by the total number of rooms associated with an account. Singlestep's subscription plans are offered as a flat-rate, so your payments are predictable and easy to manage.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Singlestep accepts most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. All monthly account subscriptions must be paid for using one of these forms of payment.


Singlestep offers the option to pay via bank transfer for annual subscriptions. Please contact us at to have an invoice issued for this purchase.

Will adding new users affect my monthly payment?

Under Singlestep's subscription plans, you can add as many new users as your current plan allows for without any impact on your monthly payment. If you choose to exceed the number of users that your current plan offers, Singlestep will account for this change in the subsequent billing cycle.

Does Singlestep offer special pricing for nonprofit accounts? How about education accounts?

Singlestep is happy to offer pricing discounts to nonprofits and education users. Contact us for more information about our special nonprofit and education pricing.

Does Singlestep offer any prepayment discounts?

Singlestep offers a 10% discount for those interested in an annual subscriptions to Singlestep.

How do I get more information about your Enterprise pricing?

Singlestep is happy to learn more about your Enterprise's needs. Contact Sales to start a conversation with us.