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Intelligent Training

Singlestep delivers an intelligent training platform that uses context to deliver timely, incremental content to your workforce so employees can provide more consistent, on-brand services while spending less time learning directly from supervisors.

People learn better and can carry out their jobs more consistently when they are given bite-sized instruction for tasks as they complete them. Our use of context makes training more cost-efficient and effective, reduces the training burden for supervisors, and ultimately leads to a more consistent and on-brand experience for guests.

Singlestep introduces Stepwise™ at HITEC Minneapolis

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Mobilize Your Forces™


Easily create training for your team with simple “drag and drop” authoring tools.

Reduced burden on supervisors.


Employs Microtraining, which works the way our brains do – so workers learn better.

Can be delivered in any language with authored content


Utilizes and extracts more value from existing infrastructure, including: In-room technology


The needs of your guests are ever changing, so Singlestep can automatically educate your staff on new techniques or guest requests in real time

In hospitality, turnover is a significant driver

  • Recent reports show that annual employee turnover ranges from 50% – 200%.
  • Training can cost an average $1,200/employee each year.

Microlearning and the 70:20:10 methodology reduce training costs.

  • Without reinforcement, more than 80% of learnings are forgotten within 30 minutes.
  • Employee turnover ranges from 50% – 200% creating even greater need for continuous and consistent training.


Singlestep establishes CONTEXT via the information provided by existing infrastructure. With integration from OUR PARTNERS, we are able to anticipate the task an employee is about to initiate and promote instructive information to complete that task. This is what makes Singlestep so powerful, and it’s what sets us apart.

Publish PDFs, videos, audio, images... and utilize contextual information from partner and third party integrations

Powerful content analytics

Interaction metrics help you gain insights into how your content is utilized. Keep track of how your team is sharing, and collaborating with Singlestep’s analytics.

  • Interaction Analytics - get insights into what, where, when, and how long people are viewing your content.
  • Content Analytics - see what content, Folios and Groups are most popular.
  • Platform Usage Analytics - understand who is engaging with your content, and from where.

Access Singlestep from any device

Our web applications are responsive and work on iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Accessing Singlestep with your phone or tablet is easy. Our native iOS and Android mobile apps add extra levels of interaction, security, and offline capability.

Enterprise-level security

  • Data backup and recovery
  • Role-based permissions
  • Secure hosting
  • AES encryption