Put your lightning in a bottle. . . it's called a Folio.

Take that "pile of files" and make it organized and beautiful. Make it a Folio.

Create a Folio

Time - 2:22

Starting from the very beginning, you will set up the basic structure of a Folio.

Load Content

Time - 2:47

With a few simple steps, you will find the content for your Folio and put it in place, right where you want it.

Make It Pretty: Contents

Time - 2:46

We will show you how to display your content so you can find what you need, quickly and easily.

Publish It

Time - 1:58

At the touch of a button, your Folio is in the Cloud in a matter of seconds.

Share It

Time - 1:52

Sharing your Folio is powerful, and you will completely control the process with our straightforward instructions.

Add Chat Messaging®

Time - 2:19

Add Chat messaging and transform your Folio from secure distribution channel to private communication network.

Navigate Your App

Time - 3:34

See how easy and intuitive it is to reach into the Cloud and access the contents in your Folios.

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