We had a real problem

We realized the problem is universal

So, we solved it

And we think you'll love our solution

We are all “composers”

Overwhelmed by the torrent of our digital “media”

We desperately need to organize this stuff

Into really useful, mobile “folios”

So our information becomes easy to find, use, and share

You can finally do that, with MediaFolio!

This is how easy it is

You’ll develop and manage your folios with FolioComposer™. It has everything you need to access files and media, adjust the styling and appearance, and to identify the composers and viewers of your folios. In minutes, you will see that most commands are simple and familiar. Completed folios fly through the Cloud to your chosen people. Now that’s easy!

Exceptional Flexibility

Pick a topic. Create a folio. Drop in documents of all major formats, even images, videos and music. Let other composers add their media into the folio, too. Make as many additions and revisions as you want. Label and arrange everything just the way you like it. Give the folio a distinctive style with colors and logos. Your folio is now “the source”. When everyone goes looking for it, they’ll know right where to find it.

Maximum Mobility

Carry it with you. Deliver it exclusively. Launch it broadly. MediaFolio will pop your folio into your pocket or send it world-wide, with encrypted delivery to computers and mobile devices. Folios can be distributed, revised, and even retracted remotely. You can view them offline, as well, so your carefully crafted contents can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Now you can put the right stuff in the hands of the right people

Your folios are actually social networks

Think about that! The participants of each folio share a secure, encrypted social network. From global sales teams to local soccer teams, from executive titans to active teenagers, everyone can use MediaFolio. Unlike other social media, you keep all your rights to the stuff you place in your folios. No data-mining, no advertising. It’s easy! Once you begin, you will see how useful MediaFolio will be.

And so much more. . .

You can have the greatest idea in the world,
But if you can't communicate your ideas,
it doesn't matter.
-Steve Jobs

Don't just share. Communicate!

This is how it will look

Let your imagination run wild. You'll likely create dozens of folios, both personal and commercial. The following examples show you how easy it is to work with MediaFolio:

One of our clients, a global hospitality company, uses MediaFolio to delivery training materials to service staff on ipads. They pack a wealth of information on the device for new staff as they arrive.

Remote Training

Offline access in multiple locations

The executive team of any organization relies on a set of periodic reports to monitor their progress toward their objectives. It has never been easier to put this information right into their hands.

Executive Reports

Confidential, time-sensitive delivery

Projects can be anything from meetings to task forces to massive construction programs. They all require several people, often from several organizations, to work and communicate well together.

Project Management

Central reference for current information

How does the HR Department of a large organization stay in touch with all of its global employees? With MediaFolio. It's the best way to address the information needs of a large, diverse audience.

New Employees

Full archive and current bulletins

You've got an important proposal for a prospective client. E-mail attachments and Dropbox folders have no pizzazz.  With MediaFolio, you'll send  a branded, private presentation right to their iPad.

Confidential Proposals

Branded, private client communication

You are out visiting with clients all the time. Wouldn't it be great to have their profiles in your pocket? If SalesForce.com is too complex or expensive for your business, use MediaFolio instead.

Client Profiles

Offline access of rich media and info

How do you get Marketing and Sales to work in sync? Have Marketing create a reference folio of promotional materials and messaging for the iPads and iPhones of the Sales team.

Promotional Materials

Manage brand presentation in the field

When you are in the field, it's easy to feel out of touch with the home office. With MediaFolio, you can share news, promotions, reports, client reactions, and feedback, right from your mobile device.

Schedules and Reports

Manage frequently revised materials

Would you like to have all the essential information of your life in one place, in your pocket? You can do that with MediaFolio. Sort through your virtual and non-virtual files and pull it all together.

Essential Information

Organize info from a variety of sources

How do you prepare your kids for the bumps and bruises of life? Stay involved. Tell them you love them. And give them a folio with the information they might need in an emergency.

Family Communications

A private channel for loved ones

So many pictures, so little time to sort them. With MediaFolio, you have an easy way to organize them into your favorite categories. Family, friends, trips, interests, work. You pick the topics.

Photo Albums

Your best shots for mobile display

If you have a special interest, you've probably got boxes of papers, downloaded articles, lists of web  links, and more. Now you can organize it all into an archive for you and your fellow enthusiasts.

Personal Interests

Create a social network of enthusiasts

We just turned
complex into

Any person or organization
can improve their communications
and productivity with MediaFolio.

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